Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Special People

Ate so far today:
I was not good today as I usually try to be.
I ate a bowl of cereal in the morning and pizza for lunch. Do I feel like a pig? Yes. Do I regret it? No not today.

Knitted thus far:
I have been a busy body while trying to look for work. I made a pledge to myself to not buy new yarn for myself while I am unemployed. The only new yarn I bought was for my aunt because she requested a pair of fingerless mitts and I wanted to make them in a real funky colored yarn because she is absolutely awesome and she's got that type of personality and spirit  that could wear crazy colors. Some are mono Aunt Ginger is multi tonal. My aunt is also a crafty person and makes wonderful jewelry. So here is a plug into her blog and a link to her Artfire page!
These are called "Can Cans" Why they are called Can Cans...I do not know. All I know is that they are very fun and quick to knit. (Rav Pattern Here)

Here is your very own chubby knitter modeling said gloves. I hope my aunt takes pictures and posts them on facebook. I will make sure to share them here when she gets them.

Here is the palm side of the same glove. I have to improve on those holes that pop up when making the thumb part. I know I can get better I just have to figure out how. :)
Last month was also a busy month for me social wise. Let me give you readers a little bit of background.
I am a very shy person. I don't have many friends. I don't blame my Deafness but the fact that I am just a horrible conversationalist. So going to college, I expected the same, no friends and lots of work. I ended up meeting really great women and making friends (yes me making friends, huzzah!). One of these great women is expecting her first daughter. Her and her husband are so excited. For her, I wanted to make something real special so I made her the Naming Blanket from Easy Baby Knits.

Here is the Naming Blanket. It kind of blends in with my real blankie but I think it's clear enough to tell the difference. Hehe

Here is a detail shot. It was a simple blanket to do but it took a while since I was doing other projects at the same time.
Here's Tiffany and her husband. Great people!
Finally, I'm working on a winter set for another good friend of mine, Greicy. She's been egging me on to make something for her but I've been holding off since I don't knit for just anyone (seriously, I'm very picky). But she is definitely knitworthy after putting up with me for two years and being a great support as I finished my Masters. So I want to make her a purple winter set for the cold winters in Chicago. She's originally from Cali so they don't know what snow is, right?
This is the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret. It's free on Rav! The pattern, not the hat.

Here's the side view. I blocked it on a plate which was interesting.

Here is the Double Dayflower Scarf. I never block but I really wanted the pattern to show well so I tried it out. Needless to say, it came out wonderfully.

Here is the same scarf folded up. Greicy is shorter than me and I try to make scarves taller than the person wearing them. This scarf is taller than me so it should fit her fine. :)

There is something I love about knitting for other people. I like thinking about them and their tastes while sifting through patterns. I like putting time and effort into picking yarn that feels good and that have colors that would look good on them as well as show off their personality. I like that while I'm making each single stitch, I am thinking about the person who will wear that garment. The people I knit for have to be very special to me. I think as crafters, we do this because in essence, what we are giving away is a part of ourselves. When we give handmade gifts, we are pretty vulnerable. We are opening ourselves, our creativity, our skill to the opinions of others who may not understand what time and effort it takes in making that gift. Those who don't make things cannot begin to understand what it means to give away something that has been put together stitch by stitch, bead by bead, piece by piece. So I do feel really lucky to have wonderful people in my life and even more lucky to be able to give them pieces of myself and those pieces being received with kindness.

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