Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day Back at School

So Far Today:
2 slices of bread (70 Calories 16 Carbs)
2 slices of turkey breast (250 Calories, .2g Carbs)
1 tbsp May (35 Calories, 1 Carb)
2 slices of tomato (11.6 Calories, 2.3 Carbs)
2 Romaine Heart leaves (1 Calorie, 0 Carbs)
1 cup Pomagranite Tea (3 Calories, 0 Carbs)

Knitted So Far:
0 rows

Week's Weight in: Haven't been able to do it yet due to move in.

I spent my first night back at my dorm and had the worst night trying to sleep.You would think, after the past three months sleeping on couches and mattresses on the floor I would be grateful for the bed that was mine and sleep peacefully. No dice, readers. I even stooped to having a drink to try and drift off to sleep but it didn't help either. Perhaps it's just like my mom said, I'm still in mourning. I'm still mourning the loss of my relationship. 11 years out of anyone's life is alot and to have it all gone is hard.

I've started a journal on my daily meals but it's hardly as easy at my mom made it seem. Even now I had a sandwich and a cup of tea for breakfast and I feel kind of weak. Maybe I need to up the calories so I have more to burn. I also used my mom's exercise DVD and did the .75 mile walk before I pooped out. I can tell now how long it's been since I did any serious exercise because Boy did I get tired quickly! I was sweating for just simple steps. I will not let this get me more down though and just keep on trying to progress to a full mile.

I attend my first class today. I actually had one on Monday but I was so sick from a sushi night out with my new roommate, my sister, and my cousin that I was unable to attend. I'm feeling better now and so now I attend my first class tonight at 5. I'm ready to get school started on the right foot even though personally I still feel down. We'll see how today goes, I'll try to come back tonight and report. Til then everyone, happy knitting and happy eating.

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