Thursday, September 16, 2010

Allergies!! Dame youse!!

Current weight: 296.5LBS (Gained a pound and a half but I'm able to fit into 2x clothing now so I'm hoping that's just muscle from the increased activity.

Eaten so far today: Nothing, just woke up. :( I plan on having one ounce of chorizo with a quarter cup of egg substitute and 1 low carb tortilla.

Knitted so far these past two weeks. I completed one leg warmer and am currently working on the other. I received my KnitPicks Options interchangeable needles last week and have been using them like mad. Love them!!

If you want to watch the progress of these legwarmers check out my Ravelry page:

I wake up this morning just coming off a week long allergy attack. And I literally mean attack. I've been as sick as a dog, tearing, coughing, sneezing, stuffy nosed, runny nosed (yes both at the same time!), scratchy throat, itchy eyes, etc etc. It's made my life pretty unpleasant but hasn't stopped me from knitting. Really, only the hand of God itself can stop me from knitting, but I digress.

This past Friday I attended the Young Adult Group Kick off BBQ for my church. Mind you I'm not a social person...perhaps why I communicate so freely with a blog...but I digress. I went to this barbecue with the intention of trying to make new friends but quite honestly, I was terrified out of my mind. It wasn't my hearing loss and the thought of communicating with these people that terrified me, I'm used to having to maneuver among hearing people. What terrified me was that I am putting myself in the middle of a group of people I don't know...and I actually cared if they liked me or not. What if I'm not a likable person? A social outcast? I had been used to being one through high school and most of college. In the end I really ended up with two good friends, both of them I rarely see due to distance. These people though, the group, would see me more often and live in the same vicinity as me. That scared me. So I went, and though there were awkward moments of communication (the entire back yard was dark so lipreading was very hard) I think it went fairly well. I did get to talk to a few people and those that I didn't get to chat with I am sure I will meet this coming Friday at bible study.
This Sunday my mom took me to Kohls. Now being 27 years old I prefer to shop for myself but being Puerto Rican and having a Puerto Rican mother like mine, you really can't say no when she tells (not asks) you, you're going shopping. I do appreciate the clothing she got me though, they are really nice and they are 2X sized and they fit! Holy cow. I was shocked since it's been a while since I could fit into 2X. I am usually a 3X. Any little sign of progress helps you know? I have to be more focused on writing down what I am eating though. I've gotten it to such a routine that I don't want to keep on writing down the same thing over and over. Lame I know, but I know I will have to do better. My eating hasn't increased though which is a relief and I've practically cut out fast food (I think I had an Italian beef sandwich that I shared this past weekend and a chicken pita sandwich two weeks ago). This hasn't been easy though. I feel the pull of temptation every time I pass a Burger King or McD's . How I miss the taste of a yummy burger but I am trying hard. Hopefully it will pay off.
This past Tuesday I stayed home so I could attend the Comforting Legacies Prayer Shawl ministry meeting. As you could probably guess, this was a crafting group ministry (knitting/crocheting) and they were making prayer shawls for people in need. I loved the idea of this when I got the flier at church last week so I decided to make a go of it. I was a few minutes late due to dropping off the little brother at his bible study but I got to sit down and meet this wonderful group of women. They were all so nice and warm. The only complaint that I would have of that evening was that I had to crochet! *laughing* I am not against crocheting but I just don't have a feel for it. I was totally able to finish a square before I left but I prefer knitting and I feel (I'm pretty sure I actually do) knit faster than I crochet. It's a comfort level and I am not comfortable with crochet. So I did a square of single crochet and handed it in to be part of a larger quilt then asked if I could start knitting again. She said that I could knit a square by next Tuesday and I agreed. While working a legwarmer I have already finished have the square that is set for a few days from now. I am confident I'll have that and some done soon.

When I arrived back to my dorm I found a happy surprise. I had received packages! Packages are like early Christmas presents to me for several reasons: 1. I get to open a big box with my name on it, 2. It is typically something that I will really like, and 3. The anticipation of picking it up from the front desk. I received two new books and a package from KnitPicks! The two books I got were a Hip Knits pattern book and the Free Range Knitter book from the Yarn Harlot. I am a huge fan of the Yarn Harlot and whenever I read her books I feel like she crawled into my brain with a megaphone and is shouting everything I am thinking. I just wish I could get her needles! She uses Signature which she dubs the "Ferrari" of knitting needles. I have long wondered how I could save to get a set for myself. Mind you one set is over 300 dollars. I consider that I did save for my iPod touch which was over 300 as well and since I would use these needles til the finish wore off it might be worth the investment. If you haven't seen the Signature Arts website do so as soon as you can, it's like a candy shop for knitters, or better said a candy shop for rich knitters. KnitPicks is really the candy shop for us all.
The KnitPicks yarn shown is the Black Gloss HW. I was originally going to use the yarn to make my mom a set of legwarmers just like the Mosey but I found out this weekend (to my absolute surprise) she wants her legwarmers to cinch at the ankle so they tuck into her boots! I was like O.O...seriously? I've shown my mom this pattern 100 times and finally she got that they are meant to drape over the shoe not tuck into it. So now I have to find a pattern (or modify the Mosey) to close about her ankle so it tucks into the boot. Ugh!
Well friends that is all I have for today. I head to class then tomorrow I return home as per usual. Friday night I have my second gathering with the Young Adult group which I am looking forward to. On Saturday is my niece's first birthday party and for those who do not know who my niece is, she is the light of my existence, my precious one. I love that little girl more than life itself and can't imagine my world without her. Hard to imagine that only a year ago (On the 26th), I was in the hospital room with her mom (my sister). After the delivery my sister was so exhausted she went right to sleep. I stayed the night and rocked and snuggled my new niece spending the first hours of her outside life with her. Those are precious memories that will stay with me forever.

My Jazmin and her Tia Meli (me) on her birthday

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