Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wow since Feburary?

What a crazy few months it has been everyone! I'm so sorry for neglecting my blog (if anyone reads it that is) but school has been driving me up a wall. I've been a little bear in her cave for the past two months just working on end of semester projects...really end of grad school projects. That is true ladies, I graduate in one week..exactly. I am so thrilled to have finally reached the finish line. I've been pretty busy with school but I did take some times to do some yarny fun as well.
My preciosa Jazmin eating some yummy oranges

I've been given a gift in one of my projects to observe and document the language development of my niece, Jazmin. It has been a pleasure since I got to spend so much time with her and video tape her playing and squealing and laughing. To watch this little girl grow makes me want to be a better tia (aunt) and a better woman.

This is the beginning of a sweater for my teacher's baby. I actually have more parts done. I've just yet to photograph them.

My sister Millicent with her new fingerless armwarmers made out of Felici Rainbow. It was for her birthday. She's a St. Patrick's day baby.

My first attempt at fingering weight socks. There are more pictures I will add when I have some time.

Yarn porn...oh yeah love it.

My first yarn winder, a nosepinne? something like that.

I made two of these hats for two very special people. My family and I went to a comedy show and I made these for the performers.
This is my family and I at the comedy show with the comedians, Dov Davidoff in the black leather jacket and Bryan Callen in the purple sweater. That's right ladies, those are my hats they have. Bryan wore his and Dov had his in his hand for this picture. Loved it
I'm rushing off to school for my last day of formal class. I will post more asap everyone. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts as my family and I hit this last leg of my journey in school.


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