Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Commencement means to start and to begin not to end.

Eaten Today: 1 cup or 1.5 cups of chorizo migas. (This is chorizo meat mixed with eggs and lightly fried torillas. My stomach is regretting it right now.)
1 cup of coffee

Knitted so far today: Nothing yet but I did finish two more squares for this blanket I'm making my friend Tiffany. Almost ready to move on to the next set of squares.

According to Webster, to commence is to start or to begin. This is the truest definition I have ever seen. First let me share with you about my graduation, then we will go into what happened after.

May 5th 2011
My mother stayed home this day just to make sure that we would all be on our way and on time to UIC. My brother had to go to school though as he was presenting at a banquet to honor the employers who open up positions for students with disabilities and work with the school to promote career development and work experience. My mom and I started cleaning the house since Saturday was to be the graduation brunch and started getting ready early just in case my brother needed an early pick up. Alas, he did. We drove together to the banquet hall and picked up. Since we were already on the way toward the highway, we decided to head into the city. The problem with this is we ended up being four hours early! We camped out in the parking lot for two hours before my dad came from work and brought us coffee and snacks. The positive in this is the fact that we were famished with all that waiting, the negative is that there are no bathrooms at the UIC Pavilion parking structure!
Despite all this, we were still in good humor until I realized that the flats I brought to walk in were cutting my feet. My back up shoes were too tall for me to walk up and down the stairs in. So I had to suck it up and wear the skin cutting shoes.
Finally it was time to start gathering so we can line up when my sister, my cousin, my niece, and my grandma showed up. Huzzah!
My cousin and my sister drew on my hat with my name and my graduation year and a big red heart that says God is Love. My hat had to be the best one out there. I was blinging!
My sister helped me register as my deafness can get in the way of communication. Lo' and behold when we arrived, they had not even heard of me! They had my name but they did not know that I required accommodations! The problem with this is I had requested accommodations a month prior to the ceremony. My coordinator ( the lady who sets up my accommodations) assured me I would be able to access the ceremony. Well that ended up being a big pile of B.S. They sat me on the opposite side of the arena where I couldn't see the interpreter. I had to be moved twice during the ceremony away from my graduating class to be able to access the information. I was irate but I wasn't going to let this FUBAR ruin this ceremony.
See that short chubby one in the middle. That's me!

Quick snapshot of mi preciosa and her baby doll.

That's me, receiving my diploma cover.
These are a few snapshots of the ceremony. My sister gave me a good reminder that this was not only my day, but a day that my family and I have earned. We all made sacrifices and worked hard to get here. I am deeply grateful. I did get a fun little surprise at the end though. My close friend, Kevin, drove all the way from Wisconsin to come to the graduation. I was totally floored! I don't have many friends but the ones I do have, I am very thankful for their love and support.

May 6th, 2011
Friday was a pretty quick day. Lots of cleaning and prepping for Saturday's brunch. I did get to pop in and see my friend Margo who had just gotten out of surgery a few days prior. I brought her some crochet thread and a pattern for a thin summer shawl. I thought it would be a fun challenge for her since she was pretty immobile. I did have to deal with someone stealing money out of my bank account though which was not fun. I'm not sure if anyone has heard but Chicago area Michael's stores recently had data stolen from them and have been stealing money from people who swiped their cards at the PIN machines. (More information here) I didn't get alot taken (less than 200) but I am on SSI so that is a good chunk of my funds. I'm not pleased to say the least.

May 7th, 2011
Brunch day! Not many showed up BUT I did have a great time. My cousin, sister, and my buddy Kevin arrived and we all enjoyed good food, great conversations, and fun music. I had a hell of a time attempting to interpret though. Never ask a girl who has her own severe hearing loss to interpret for anyone who is deafer than she is. It makes for every awkward communication mixups.
From Left to Right (my cousin Mari, my brother Dannie, and my sister Millicent)

My brother and I and in the corner there, my buddy Kevin.

That's my sister and I. She's speaking and I'm interpreting.

That's my dad, Dannie Sr.

My grandpa and grandma, Angel and Maria. Oh and me :)
 May 9th, 2011
Well yesterday was pretty much taken up by running to the banks and the police station to report the identify theft. Not cool at all thieving bastards! (Directed at them, not everyone)
Today I am organizing my resume and applications for state employment (I want to be a rehabilitation counselor for the Deaf). Tomorrow I head out to take the qualifying exam in Chicago. I am excited to start working but I am scared at the same time. I've never let my difference hold me back but I've never had to wear it on my sleeve so openly to so many people. Working with the state and getting accommodations means alot of people are going to know what is pretty obvious anyways. I guess I'm just spazzing over nothing but I'm sure many understand what I mean.

Wish me luck as I continue these adventures. :)


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