Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And where the "f" did she go?!

Eaten so far today:
2 slices of low cal bread
1 tsp of margerine
1 cup of coffee
1 cup of Light and Fit Yogurt

Knitted since last entry:
I finished quite a bit actually. I got that long scarf finally done.
X's and O's Pattern from Ralvelry

Finished my brother in law's black hat in KP Swish Coal. Let me tell you KP Swish is so soft and squishy I love knitting with it. The only draw back was there were some fuzzed pieces in the yarn but I knit through them like a trooper.
Macho Roll -Brim Seaman's Watch Cap on Ravelry.

I also finished my niece's little pink scarf in KP Swish Worsted Carnation. This one was a bit of a pill (not pilling yarn, just a pain in the a$$). I couldn't get the stitch count to match what the pattern asked for. There was either too many increases or decreases and by the time I finished the first two rows I had more stitches than I should. It came out alright though so I can't complain.
Fletching Silk Scarf Pattern on Ravelry.

I also completed a hat for my little cousin (She's technically my second or third cousin). It's her first birthday next week and I want to make her a hat and scarf set in this really bulky multi colored baby yarn. I have a feeling it's going to be too big on her little head but hopefully she'll get some use out of it and the scarf once the scarf is done. hehe
Chubby Cat Hats Pattern on Ravelry.

Right now I'm working on a head band for my sister called Calorimetry. It took me a while to cast on this one because I was reading the pattern beforehand and it confused me a bit. I've only done one set of socks so far in my knitting career so turning short rows is still kind of new. So once again when I'm intimidated by a pattern I build up courage then dive in and do exactly what the pattern says in the midst of knitting and so far it's turning out least I hope!

Calorimetry on Ravelry.

So where the hell have I been? Nobody's been bold enough to ask me and sometimes I wonder if anyone even noticed the few weeks I have been silent. I wish I could say that I have spent these past few weeks on a fabulous vacation or starting up a new romance but no such luck for this chubby knitter. These past few weeks have been spent immersed in school work. I've had to turn out roughly 30 pages of written work between three classes and an internship, several hours on observation and still have several interviews that I have to conduct for this internship. I love the opportunity to be able to go to grad school but goodness, the work is getting intense.

My knitting is also something that has had to be put to the back burner. (Yes despite the number of FO you see, my knitting has really slowed down. Hats were done in one day each and scarf was done in three days) Now normally, I would be alright with this as I understand totally education has to come before my hobby. I just never realized how much that hobby has become a part of my behavior. I think I'm getting stressed beyond recognition because for the last few days my eye has been twitching and I've been getting really horrible migraines. But this really has to be a sign of God's amazing work that when you overwork the body, it responds by forcing you to rest.

I really do love knitting though. Knitting my Christmas gifts this year really has put it in perspective to me. I knit a lot and often don't put much emphasis on what I give away but really as knitters we should. I realized I will be giving the people I love the most something made stitch by stitch with them in mind. That every inch of the yarn they wear on their person has passed through my fingertips. Their gift is carried daily with me more than I would remember my cellphone, iPod, or even keys. Their gift becomes my constant companion until it's ends are woven in and finishing touches are made. I pose this statement fellow knitters...that knitted gifts are the most intimate gesture between two people and should not be taken for granted, by the recipient or the knitter themselves.

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